I am glad you’re considering taking this step toward making a positive change in your life.   Devoting your attention to personal growth can help you deal with challenges you’re facing now and in the future.  Therapy and coaching are powerful ways to learn about yourself and to learn skills to enhance your life.

“I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.”
– Carl Jung

The foundation of my work with you is an empathic, non-judgmental relationship.  In addition, we’re fortunate that today there are several effective, evidence-based therapeutic methods we can use to enhance and accelerate your growth.  You can learn about some of these methods as you explore this site, and get a sense of whether working with me could be a good fit for you.   I would be happy to arrange a phone conversation to determine whether I can be of help to you.

About Jeffrey Rossman

In 35 years working as a psychologist, I’ve been fortunate to help many individuals, couples and families through challenging moments in their lives. I’ve come to appreciate the myriad ways my clients draw on their strengths to face adversity and grow through it. Through our creative collaboration, they understand themselves more deeply and take positive steps toward achieving their goals. In the context of a trusting, collaborative relationship, I am active and interactive, asking thought-provoking questions, listening carefully, reflecting, making suggestions and providing support.

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View commonly asked questions related to therapy with me, and psychotherapy in general. Your active participation and dedication is crucial to your success.

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