Breathing, Movement and Meditative Practices

I frequently teach my clients practices they can incorporate into their lives to reduce stress, focus their mind, brighten their mood and enhance their health. I began doing daily movement practices, breathing techniques and meditation 45 years ago and they have been an essential part of my personal and professional development. While I don’t teach these practices to all of my clients, I find that those who are willing to integrate them into their life benefit tremendously. They feel the positive impact of the practices immediately—they tend to feel calmer, more energized, and more focused. Over time they notice the shifts becoming more permanent, as the practices gradually help their nervous system to function with greater balance and efficiency.

I am a level II teacher in an approach called Breath-Body-Mind (BBM), which I teach to many of the individual clients and groups I work with. Developed by Richard Brown, MD and Patricia Gerbarg, MD, BBM integrates Qi Gong movement practices, slow, rhythmic breathing and focused meditation. Regular practice enhances energy, emotional balance and mental clarity. The Qi Gong movements, breathing techniques and meditation can be done together as a daily practice. They can also be done separately on an as needed basis throughout the day to manage stress, boost energy and enhance mood. The breathing techniques are especially useful, as they can be done in any moment, regardless of where you are and who you might be with. You are always breathing, and a subtle, intentional shift in the pace and depth of your breathing can instantly bring about a powerful shift in your energy, emotions, and clarity of mind.