Hypnotherapy is a remarkably effective tool for bringing about rapid and sustainable change. When you enter into a deeply absorbed, inwardly focused state of mind, you are more open to receiving suggestions for positive change. Unlike stage demonstrations and Hollywood depictions of hypnosis, when we use hypnosis therapeutically, you decide the goals for hypnotherapy and you remain in control of your mind and body during the experience.

Prior to beginning the hypnotic experience, I’ll ask you about your goals for hypnosis and about any strengths or resources you already have that could help you to achieve your goals. I’ll also answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Once we complete the collaborative planning process, we move into the hypnotic experience. To begin, I will give you suggestions that guide you into a relaxed, internally focused state. When you’re comfortable and focused, I offer hypnotic suggestions to help catalyze the change you desire. I’ll help you to access what is already inside of you but not yet being utilized and you will have a rich inner experience of what it would be like to manifest the change you are seeking. When we’re finished, you’ll likely feel relaxed, empowered, and confident about making the changes you desire.